Juice Cleanse

Incorporating colonics with a juice cleanse will work wonders for your body, mind and soul. Adelaide Colonic Health has teamed up with a variety of local juice companies to provide you with an easy to follow detoxing program for your body, mind and digestive health. The program includes a one day or three day juice cleanse and a colon hydrotherapy session.

It is essential to tie in colonics while juice cleansing so the bowel can absorb as many nutrients as possible all while removing toxins as quickly as possible. We make sure the juices that we use are fresh and made with only quality fruit and vegetables.

One Day Juice Cleanse


One day cleanse is a great place to start if you have never done a juice cleanse before and awesome to do as part of your regular, healthy body maintenance.

Three Day Juice Cleanse


Three day juice cleanses are designed to make you feel amazing from the inside out.
Adelaide Colonic Health is one of the most beautiful colonic clinics in Australia, providing delicious and healthy cold-pressed juice cleanses, all made with love.

Parasite cleanse

parasite cleanse

At Adelaide Colonic Health we offer traditionally used herbal medicine to help rid the body of worms and other intestinal parasites. Colonics and herbal formulas work great together. Herbal formulas will make the environment uninhabitable for parasites, then colonics will effectively soften the mucous and encrusted faeces and release the material through a series of colonics. This is a great cleanse if you have just returned from South East Asia or India.

Liver cleanse

liver cleanse

A series of colonics and traditionally used herbs that help to cleanse the liver. The liver performs many essential functions related to digestion, metabolism, immunity and the storage of nutrients within the body. One of it’s most important roles is to filter toxic wastes and poisons from your blood stream. If your blood is constantly being polluted with excess acid residues from poor eating habits, alcohol, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, stress hormones and other acid-forming factors, it eventually gets overloaded and becomes deeply congested with toxic debris. This in turn affects your liver function and causes excess waste to get deposited in the joints and other tissues, causing weight gain, arthritis, tissue toxicity and disease.

Kidney cleanse

A series of colonics and traditionally used herbs that help to cleanse the kidneys. The kidneys help filter acid wastes from the bloodstream, processing approximately 1 litre of blood per minute. Excessive acid wastes in the blood due to poor diet, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs along with other lifestyle factors can severely corrode the delicate tissues in which blood filters through the kidneys. It can also cause the formation of kidney stones and inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside”


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